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The involvement of the Tata group in India’s domestic defence industry is not new. During our research we discovered that exactly a 100 years ago in 1918, a British editorial team was publishing a full-page feature about the Tata group’s critical role in helping the Allies win World War I. The report headlined ‘India as a war vulcan’, spoke about how India had surprised the world with her ability to supply ‘munitions and war equipment’ since the start of the war in 1914. “Behind the despatch… lies a fascinating engineering romance,” the report noted, “that highly gifted and patriotic Indian – the late Jamshetji N Tata – saw, years ago, the possibility of raising a mammoth iron and steel industry in India.”

Indeed, a century later, Tata group is doing what it has always done – rising to help India realise its potential across different industries.The cover story in this edition of Tata Review traces the group’s journey from supporting British India’s efforts during the two World Wars using iron and steel to meeting an urgent requirement for bulletproof jackets during the Kargil War to the recent decision to combine all its aerospace and defence businesses under one umbrella to give a big boost to the still nascent domestic defence industry.

Also, there’s a new editorial team at the helm of our flagship publication. Our heartfelt thanks to Christabelle and her team for steering the Review for many years. We are excited to unveil a magazine that reflects the increasing momentum, agility and diversity of the group and its people. In this issue, you will find new sections, fun reviews and a focus on trends like travel, wellness and food. The only constant will be impactful storytelling.

One last note: Dear Reader, we want your feedback, your brickbats and your ideas to motivate us and drive us to raise the bar for editorial journalism.

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