A healthy workforce makes for a high-performing workplace. That’s the ‘get fit and stay fit’ doctrine driving the varied efforts of Tata companies to encourage their employees to give exercising a go. Running programmes, in-house gyms, yoga sessions, facilities for sports and time out for games — the spectrum is wide as these companies swell their wellness quotient.

Tata Steel Europe’s ‘100-day global challenge’ event, Trent’s ‘fit and fun franchise’ and the many initiatives of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) are examples of how a culture of physical activity is being promoted and nurtured in the group. Fun is an essential element in these programmes and collective participation is of the essence, but it doesn’t take much in this day and age for people to dump the sedentary way, to take to a sport or to start and sustain a fitness regimen. Here’s how four Tata companies are helping their employees get sporty.

TCS runs what is perhaps the most comprehensive and wide-ranging series of fitness and wellness programmes in the Tata group. For its Asia Pacific employees, TCS invites sports personalities and fitness champs to share their stories. The TCS Fit4life initiative brings together wellness, team spirit and social cause while pushing TCSers to improve their fitness by pledging a certain number of kilometres and hours to a physical task — which could unfold in any number of games and sports — in an environment of fun and friendly competition. In 2017, more than 76,000 TCSers participated in a Fit4life programme, contributing 13.52 million kilometres and 3.1 million hours through different fitness activities.

Trent’s ‘Fit and Fun Franchise’ organises a host of health and wellness events to ensure a healthy way of life for all its employees. There are fitness classes, diet and health sessions conducted by experts, sports and games, and even a club for marathon enthusiasts. It all adds up in Trent’s effort to stay fit.

Health-check camps, mind and meditation sessions, cycling and golf, and fitness initiatives are among the activities organised by mjunction, a company with a pioneering presence in India’s
e-auction business.

Tata Steel has fitness and sports events and initiatives in every part of its operational spread across the world. For instance, Tata Steel Europe’s ‘global challenge’ (above) is designed to help employees deal with everyday health and wellbeing risks through team-building and fun activities. Forming teams of seven, employees compete against colleagues from different locations to see which team records the maximum number of steps taken over a 100-day period. The personal and the professional and the physical and the psychological are blended to get the best out of participants, who receive tips on exercising, nutrition, sleep and mental health. The benefits have been obvious.